Custom Designs 

Each of my pieces are unique, in part based on features of the wood itself and in part on individual design elements.   I will work with you to recreate any of my portfolio pieces or to design a new piece using elements of prior designs. 


Finding a way to use meaningful and exceptional pieces of wood, creating original designs in which all the pieces work together in three dimensions, and then having it all come to life is very satisfying.

It is humbling to consider the history that trees have witnessed in the time they stood on this earth.  It is a challenge and a priviledge to work with these woods and create pieces of furniture that you would use in your home.   


In addition to portfolio designs, I enjoy the process of creating entirely new and unique pieces. If you have a project you would like to discuss, the first step is to contact me. Our initial conversation will help me understand your interests and style preferences. I can then show you a range of design options, including different types of woods and finishes.  Next, we'll next select your piece of wood and the specific design elements for your piece.  

Once we settle on the details, I'll provide a build timeline and price. The design and build process averages 2-3 months.